[I reported on this mast-raising rig in the WoodenBoat Forum. Scroll down to post #16.
Lots of text but full of details, if you care. Below is a short summary.]

With a simple rig and new hinged mast-step, the 33-foot solid spruce mast was raised with ease by one person with one winch. We'll lower the mast regularly for maintenance...or maybe just for fun.

Below: The boom is used upside down as a gin-pole (that's the tack shackle hanging down). There's a sleeve (not visible here) welded to the rear of the steel boot 8-inches above the heel of the mast. The hinge-pin passes through the mast-step and the sleeve.

Below: The gin-pole (the boom) and mast both need temporary 'mast raising' shrouds which meet at a pivot point above each chainplate. Shown here, the shackle at the apex of the chain is aligned with the hinge pin of the mast. The temporary lines to the mast (at the spreaders) and boom (end), shown tied to the shackle, stay snug on both port and starboard sides during mast raising. Without the shrouds, the mast and gin-pole might become unstable and flop to one side. Crash!